3rd Bishop

THE RT. REV. H.D.L. ABRAHAM, B.A., B.D., succeeded Rt. Rev. E. Priestley in a critical Period. He was a strong and able administrator. He led the Diocese in a critical period of revolt and rebellion. He followed the constitution of CSI very strictly and governed the Church adhering to the rules of the Diocese. Being brought_up in a congregational church, he gave lot of liberty to the leadership of laity. There was a sport of evangelism and extension work inspite of a threat of Methodist Missionary support diminishing 10% every year from 1969. He was consecrated as Bishop in the Church of South India in 1967 and was installed as assistant Bishop in Mysore Diocese. Through paternal uncle Rev. John.Y. Abraham who was a very well respected Indian Minister then serving in the erst while Hyderabad District of Wesleyan Methodist Mission, Bishop Luther Abraham was related to a number of people in the Medak Diocese. He was installed as Bishop in Medak in 1968. His vast experience as Pastor, Teacher and Administrator stood him in good stand.