4th Bishop

THE RT. REV. B.G. PRASADA RAO B.D., is the son of the soil. When Bishop Abraham retired in 1976, Bishop Prasada Rao was elected to take the responsibility of steering the Church which was facing a crisis of finance, passivity of village evangelists, the impracticability of Presbyters taking the oversight of eight to twelve village congregations which had no resident evangelists. He saw that in many village congregations there was no Bible Teaching, Preaching or Sacramental ministry. Therefore he attempted retreats and “Jatharas” in village headquarters. Under the auspices of the Andhra Christian Theological College a centre was created at Wadiaram for Rural Theological Training, hoping this will draw in a few to surrender themselves to serve in the villages. He tired a pool financed by the semi-urban and city churches to help the village presbyters. He ultimately saw what the Diocese needed was a new spirituality among the Church Workers, Presbyters and Heads of Institutions, including individual congregations to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the saviour of the world. He did not retire in the literal sense of the word. He continued to spread Christ’s message through Dr. Hagg’s All India Institute of Evangelism and Good News festivals in India till God called him to glory on the 24th of June 1998. Truely his last words “I am going to my Lord ” reveal his total preparedness and deep faith in God.